Our Family

The Coastal Mountain Sport Haus was constructed on the family farm. Sandy’s grandparents bought the farm in 1938.
We are the third family to have owned
this property and it is our pleasure to share this little gem of the Coast Range with our guests. The property has its roots tied to Oregon agriculture. Some of the original fruit trees planted at the turn of the century still stand today and provide the fruit for pies, cakes and other
yummy treats.

In May of 2010 we bought our first two Piedmontese, Chance and Hoku and in June 2010 we purchased Flo and Bella, then in May of 2011 we added Lucy. Our herd has grown thru the seasons with our cows having calves. The cows enhance the European country lifestyle of the Inn. Our guests find our beautiful bovines provide a magical sense of calmness to their stay. They serve as our mascots, sustainable lawnmowers, entertainment and also serve as part of our personal fitness program.

Here is a little background information on this unique breed:
The Piedmontese breed originated in the Alps of the Piedmont region in Italy. The Piedmontese carry genetic traits absolutely unique to them, that allows the cattle to develop on average 14 percent more muscle mass than other cattle. The breed made their way to North America in the fall of 1979 via Saskatchewan Canada and has found their way to the lower 48. In the state of Oregon we are one of just a handful of family farms raising this
special breed of cattle.