Welcome to the Coastal Mountain Sport Haus.

Welcome to the Coastal Mountain Sport Haus. The Inn was designed for the visitor to experience a seamless transition from the outdoors to indoors. You are quite literally surrounded by all the splendors of nature, this includes animal sightings of deer, elk, coyote, and occasionally a bobcat. Bird watching and listening to bird song is a favorite pastime of visitors and depending on the season you might be lucky enough to hear a chorus of frogs. When evening comes star gazers can enjoy the solitude and rediscover the thrill of the star lit sky.

Since opening in 2009 we have been featured in Sunset Magazine, Travel and Leisure, NBC’s Today Show travel segment, The Oregonian’s Travel, the publications 1859, and Portland Travel. We are committed to personal service and attention to detail, offering our guests something just a little different than your last getaway.